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Restaurant Business – Modern Strategies to be followed

For many customers across the world, the one place they go to eat at would always be a place which has fond memories for them. With that in mind, let’s focus on the restaurant owners needs then. As an owner of a restaurant, apart from serving the best to your walk-in’s, one would always want to make the most from the lion’s share out there, isn’t it?

For this, as an owner you have to employ the best marketing strategies. Yes, marketing strategies for any business is a must, or else one wouldn’t be able to have a flow of customers, forget getting the cash registers to ring and sing. For an eatery to be successful, one has to have the right strategies and promotions in place. The restaurant needs to be exposed in various ways, and it’s only in doing that the smart way where people would be able to know of your products and services.

Today we would like to share with you few tips which you could use. These are time tested and proven, hence go on and read how to use them for your own business too.

1. Market the restaurant you own with hotels and motels around:

Hotels and motels would need third party vendors, especially with food and beverages. Many who stay at these motels and hotels would need hot piping meals to keep them happy. The traveller wouldn’t want to travel too far or even leave his room for the same. Take advantage of this and call those motels and hotels. Speak with the managers around and seek permission to do business with them. Leave behind coupons or menus at their lobbies, customers would notice and come across. Also if you could provide a small write up about the tourist spots around, it would be helpful. Add your eatery on that write up, with a map and directions to guide them.

2. Be a sponsor:

Check around and you would find schools, colleges, institutions, charity organisations or even small businesses throwing events. Get engaged and sponsor a little, because it is over here where clients and customers from all over would gather to attend the melee. Publicity from such acts at such occasions would be great, cost effective and cheap.

3. Motivate yourself at competitions:

If there is a cooking contest being organised around the area you live or work, get engaged with them. Either participate and represent your eatery, or sponsor a prize with your restaurants name attached to it. You never know when the media comes calling, and mostly bloggers or journalists from the local news and international ones too, silently cover these features. This would be free publicity and more customers would be aware of your services.

4. Samples for free:

Get a bunch of young boys and girls, pay them a small fee for their time and services, and ask them to visit local malls, shopping zones, parks, schools and colleges. Hand out flyers, teasers, pamphlets and even business cards, tucked in a sample of the goodies for free. For example, who wouldn’t like to dig into a brownie at any given time? But along with the brownie, get your business card in there, for them to see. Make the card an exciting bait to catch more customers.

5. Don’t forget to throw in specials and offers, promos and discounts over the weekend:

You could also choose to use the same tactic over the weekdays, especially on Wednesdays when the crowds are low. Use this at peak office hours, rush hours and any time you deem fit. People are hungry and they want more for less.

We hope these five important tips come in handy for you. All the best!!

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SB was once a chief marketing manager at leading company now he writes mostly on finance related issues. He has also been an up to the mark professional into restaurant promotion ideas in USA. his tactics behind restaurant marketing strategy has always been popular and this is the reason why he is known among the top most professional into restaurant advertising for years.

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Samon Bagons is a financial writer who has profound knowledge on the contemporary financial world. He loves to contribute his articles to various financial communities, websites and blogs so that people who are going through distress, can read and help themselves get out of the debt mess.


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